Because Information Technology has changed a little bit…


Because Information Technology has changed a little bit…


WHAT is the end goal you wish to achieve by starting this project?

The answer to “WHAT?” will set the course for an entire IT Consultation and the solution that is chosen for implementation. It is how we know our work will leave you with most complete and successful solution available.


WHY does the current situation present a problem for your business?

Sometimes clients give us an answer to “WHY?” that can be fixed by simply modifying a couple of things within their current Tech Environment to better achieve the “WHAT?”. It would be a shame, and costly, to reinvent the wheel.


WHO is going to use, or be affected by, the end result of the work being performed or developed?

Talk to the people in your company that will be using the new technology daily, the “end users”. You would never want to spend time and money developing something only to redo half of it because you didn’t know how the end user actually used it during their day.


WHERE is this solution going to be used, accessed, stored and managed?

The “WHERE” extremely important. It may change how your network is setup or how your data is stored…getting this wrong, in the beginning, can be an extremely expensive fix later on.


WHEN does work on this project need to take place or be completed?

We always want to make sure we have the correct number of resources devoted to a project, and at the right times, to achieve success. If the “When” needs reconsidering for us to achieve success with your project we’ll let you know up front.

If you’re asking us to perform a service that can impact part of your business, or make certain resources temporarily unavailable, do you want to do this during your business hours?

Humorous “HOW” questions and answers we’ve seen over the years after fixing D.I.Y. attempts at IT Solutions and Technical Problem Solving…Just let us provide the “HOW”…PLEASE!

  • How hard can it really be?
    VERY. If you have no experience.
  • How long could it possibly take?
    FOREVER…as in the project may sit only half completed and half functioning. IT Professionals never stop learning about new technology and how to best implement it.
  • How much could it possibly cost if someone has to “fix” or “finish” my attempt?
    A LOT of TIME and MONEY. Especially when a client has to repurchase the “correct” equipment to move forward, or data was lost during failed attempts. Seriously, we’ve seen mistakes costing companies tens of thousands of dollars.
  • How could it hurt to try?
    You could be FIRED. Yes, we’ve seen managers fired for attempting to improve their location’s financial bottom line by doing the IT work themselves and not saying anything. You “could” open your company up to huge risks that you may or may not be aware of.

HOW – The entire reason why you’re hiring Northern Compass.

A Person can do anything…given they have time, money and knowledge. The answers regarding WHAT – WHY – WHO – WHERE – WHEN will allow Northern Compass and our partners to provide the Knowlege and Resources to accomplish the “HOW” of your project.

At Northern Compass we have been solving IT Problems for businesses just like yours for over a decade. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide a solution to make technology work for you.