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Backup your entire computer, not just a few files.

Northern Compass has recovered millions of client’s files over the years. Acronis would have saved the customer hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars.

Clients have told us when they realized the hard drive failed and they had no backups, it felt like their world was going to end.

How would a hard drive failure affect your business today?


Acronis + External HD
= Disaster Averted

Two simple items can save you thousands of dollars, even your business. We can’t stress this enough. We have been called to restore data for businesses that if we failed the company was going to shut down. It sounds extreme, but the owners were not exaggerating. Every bit of information REQUIRED to run their company was on one computer…with no backups.

Disclosure: One External Drive is not the most comprehensive backup solution by any standard. However, this simple setup would have saved 99.9% of businesses we’ve served hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars.

With Acronis, you can restore your data to a new hard drive without any special skills.



Solid State Drives are the future and there is no denying the benefits they provide over the traditional spinning Hard Disk Drives. SSDs are Faster, Lighter, Energy Efficient, Run Cooler and are less prone to common failure.

However, with SSD you don’t get the typical warning signs of failure you receive from HHD. There are no moving parts in an SSD to click, grind or scrape indicating failure is near. An SSD will simply fail, virtually without warning. You power on the computer, you see the system screens, then nothing…no operating system…no files…nothing.

You don’t need to be afraid of SSD drives, many new devices use them because the benefits outweigh the risk. Just keep in mind that with Solid State Drives your backup becomes more important than ever.

All SSDs fail eventually, with Acronis installed at least it won’t be a disaster.