Intelligent Email Marketing - starting at less than $10/month!

Drag and Drop your way to knowing more about your customer's needs than you ever thought possible.


We'll help you build email campaigns that look great on any screen.

All email themes are designed to be "responsive".  This simply means your email campaigns look great if your customer is sitting at their computer or on the go using their cell phone.

If you can drag and drop, or point and click, you can create a beautiful email campaign.  Still a little nervous? Don't be, our 24/7 support staff can be reached at 1-888-411-5890 Option 1 to help you create the perfect email campaign the next time you can't sleep at 3 am.

We provide thousands of images, across dozens of industries, for you to use in your email campaigns and they're FREE.  Of course, if you have your own images you're more than welcome to use those as well.


Let's take a quick look at what comes FREE with ALL Email Marketing Plans.

  • A simple drag-and-drop email composer.
  • Automatic removal of bad addresses, duplicates and unsubscribes.
  • Smart, friendly consultants ready to help 24/7.
  • World-class infrastructure and authentication tools.
  • Reports that show which emails get opened, clicked on and shared.
  • The option of drafting emails that go out automatically.
  • A signup form for your website or Facebook page.
  • Tool that turns every blog post into an email newsletter.
  • Simple integration with Facebook, Google Analytics, Etsy and more.

Know what your customers need - It's like magic!


Out of all the services you offer, which do your customers care about the most?  Start your next email marketing campaign with Northern Compass and find out!

The intelligence built into our Email Marketing platform is magical.  You'll be presented with reports showing you exactly what a customer clicked on to get more information.  We’ll even show you how many times they came back to the email to review it!

How much smarter would your business decisions be if you knew what your customers were thinking?

Let's say you're an automotive repair shop and you're about to launch your next big marketing effort (one you desperately need to be a success) with a radiator promotion...would you still do it if you had 4 campaigns worth of information showing your customers NEVER clicked on more information about your radiator services?

Absolutely not!  You're going to look at your email marketing reports and change the promotion to a brake service special since over 60 percent of your customers wanted to know more about brake services in the last campaigns.

Advanced Email Reporting - Nothing short of amazing!


Email Marketing is notorious for leaving many business owners with more questions than answers.  Let's take a look at some of the most common concerns with Email Marketing, and how Northern Compass has fixed them all.

*The snapshot to the left was taken only an hour after sending the Email Campaign out to a very specific group of customers.

How many emails actually got sent, or bounced back?

Our Email Marketing Program shows you how many emails were sent, accepted or bounced back in real time.

Did the customer even see the email?

We enforce email reputation for all Email Marketing clients.  This means when you send an email from a Northern Compass Email Marketing Account you WILL reach more of your customer's inboxes.  You should also keep checking your stats as some customers may only check emails once a week, or even once a month.

Are customers actually engaging with the Email?

The intelligence built into the entire structure of our Email Marketing is nothing short of amazing, and invaluable.  You'll know how many of your customers engaged with your email AND exactly what information got their attention to click for more information.  These "engaged customers" can also be automatically added to different "subscriber lists" so you can follow-up with a more specific email custom tailored to THEIR interest at a later date.

Visual Click Performance

This mind blowing tool will show you an entire mockup of your email campaign and present you with an interactive overlay to show you exactly what percentage of customers clicked on an item in your email.  You may find that your emails are simply too long and customers are not clicking or reading the last 30 percent of your emails.  Using this information you can make sure your future campaigns are shorter and more to the point of your customers' interest.