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Microsoft 365 Subscriptions

Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Exchange have long been considered the gold standard of software for email and productivity. With Microsoft 365 you can communicate & collaborate with customers, vendors, and associates from anywhere in the world with almost any device.
Microsoft 365

Meet the Microsoft 365 Apps that will enable you to make the most of your workday.

Microsoft 365 Exchange Logo

Microsoft Exchange Email

Exchange helps you collaborate on your critical documents and gives you a focused inbox that prioritizes important messages and adapts to your work style, so you can get more done–faster.

Microsoft 365 Outlook Logo

Microsoft Outlook

Everything you need to be your most productive and connected self–in the office, on the go, and everywhere in between.

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Microsoft Teams

Use Teams to chat, call, and have meetings allowing for instant collaboration with coworkers and clients from anywhere.  All your important Office 365 resources are connected and available to improve productivity.

Microsoft 365 SharePoint Logo

Microsoft SharePoint

Share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across the organization.  Everything your team needs in one portal you can customize to fit your specific requirements.

Microsoft 365 Word Logo

Microsoft Word

Use Microsoft Word for the best word processing and document creation.  Word punches above its weight by providing you with multiple ways to export, publish, and collaborate.

Microsoft 365 Excel Logo

Microsoft Excel

Easily create spreadsheets from templates or on your own and use modern formulas to perform calculations.  Excel learns your patterns, organizing your data to save you time.

Microsoft 365 PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint

Create well-designed, impactful slides with the help of Designer and Ideas in PowerPoint.  With Presenter Coach, practice your speech and get recommendations on pacing, word choice, and more through the power of AI.

Microsoft 365 OneDrive for Business Logo

Microsoft OneDrive

Easily store, access, and discover your individual and shared work files in Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Teams, from all your devices. Your offline edits will automatically sync the next time you connect.

Microsoft 365 Access

Microsoft Access

Access is an easy-to-use tool for creating business applications, from templates or scratch. With its rich and intuitive design tools, Access can help you create appealing and highly functional applications in a minimal amount of time.

Microsoft 365 Publisher Logo

Microsoft Publisher

Precisely layout and style text, pictures, borders, calendars, and more. In Publisher everything you add stays exactly the way you’ve designed it, in print, online, or email.

Northern Compass recommends Microsoft 365 Business Professional as the best value to dollar

Microsoft 365 Email Essentials

Professional email with 10GB of email storage.
$6.99 / per month

Microsoft 365 Email Plus

Professional email with 50GB of email storage.
$7.99 / per month

Microsoft 365 Online Business Essentials

Office web apps & Professional email.
$10.99 / per month

Microsoft 365 Business Professional

Office apps on 5 devices, web apps & Professional email.
$15.99 / per month